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With a philosophy of grow, support and protect, One Organic – a seedling nursery based in Byron Bay – can offer gardeners, growers and good food lovers plenty of sound advice. They also advocate slow, natural growth, no plant pushing, which this organic nursery says “is all too common in the industry today”.

It’s how Neil from the Young Ones would have liked it, “we sow the seed, right. Nature grows the seed, and then, we eat the seed” – just as nature intended. And besides providing a diverse range of customers with a reliable source of food and seedlings, One Organic offers advice and support through their garden and nutrition workshops.


Using non-treated seeds and specialising in vegetables, herbs and medicinal flowers, One Organic’s workshops connect participants with the earth in engaging ways. Speakers such as Stuart Coffey hold workshops, and he’s got plenty to say, being an organic soil fertility specialist, soil developer, manufacturer and qualified landscape gardener.

Then there’s Portia Tresselt, who runs the fementation and raw food workshop on behalf of One Organic nursery. The principle here, according to One Organic, is “capturing the energetic and nutritional value of eating live food post harvest”. In short, Portia helps clients maximise the nutritional value of garden food.

Steve Maginnity, on the other hand, runs One Organic’s Native Bee Hive workshop. Here Steve discusses the integral role of bees within our ecosystem, and how their decline is affecting our way of life. And if that doesn’t give you a buzz, you can always engage with Organic One, one of the first organic vineyards in Australia. Here you’ll learn of its history, and how Organic One’s nutrient rich soil is behind the sterling drop it produces today.

Workshops aside, One Organic also provides consulting on how to set up and maintain a low maintenance, maximum yield organic garden, year round.


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