Hello my name is Lara and as a part of my university studies I needed to interview people who were involved in growing Organic food to find out why they had decided to do what they were doing and if they felt their work made a difference to them personally and the community as a whole.

When I first met Steve from One Organic it was at a farmer’s market in northern New South Wales and I explained that I would like to interview him about his business, and he agreed. There were a number of interviews involved in my submission however Steve was one person I felt was truly dedicated and the following is an exert from our conversation which will hopefully provide some insight.

Steve is the owner of One Organic and originally came from a corporate background in manufacturing totally unrelated to growing seedlings or agriculture. In his own words becoming involved in growing seedlings has created very substantial changes in his life as he had no formal training in horticulture or agriculture so there was a great deal to learn.

However, with over 30 years of production and manufacturing experience in Australia and Asia across a large number of industry sectors he was soon able to formulate production processes that were reliable and productive.

His key interest in growing food is to provide people with access to a reliable source of clean organic food that is grown as nature intended. So, what does that mean well Kieran would like his clients and friends to become empowered with the knowledge of growing plants in natural time and through that process form a close relationship with nature and the world around them.


I asked why he feels this is so important and he explains that once he experienced a life that was driven by dollars and cents and delivering things on time and in most instances this meant he had to push things to make them happen which created a great deal of pressure. Mainstream agriculture functions in the same manner and as a result the environment is suffering greatly. When I asked how could you be so successful in growing food he tells me he believes that when you have faith in what you are doing and feel your way through it you learn a great deal about what’s truly important and it becomes a lot easier.

I asked do you feel if the work you are doing has impacted other areas of your life and if so how. He smiles and says that he feels that what he is doing he was born to do and that it is a pleasure to be of service to others. Yes, he says my business has had a profound effect on me and he felt that its been largely a result of reconnecting with nature.

I asked what he meant by being born to do what he was doing, and he said that previously he had a number of large manufacturing businesses in Asia that generated substantial income, but those businesses were not fulfilling in the same way as his current work. He said that in his previous work most of what he was producing didn’t really benefit the environment or the community whereas this work does and that’s more important. I am just out of university and I was so curious to know how Steve feel could so comfortable with his life now when most people would feel differently so I had to ask the question.

What makes you feel so strongly about where you are at today and his answer was simple when you spend your days giving out more than you get and you get closer to nature you tend to make choices that make a difference and it feels good. I hope you enjoyed this insight into One Organic as much as I did and if you’re interested is seeing a full-length video of the interview it will be available early next year.