One Organic commenced business in 2009 by the founder Kieran Weston who had been working in corporate life for more than 20 years in the area of industrial manufacturing with a manufacturing group based in China. Kieran was the founder of the group and after many years work offshore he decided to get involved in organic farming in Byron Bay.

The following timeline provides an insight into the evolution of One Organic over the past decade.

  1. 2009 One Organic build its 1st nursery in Brunswick Heads
  2. 2010 One Organic attended 220 farmers markets in the northern rivers and Gold Coast
  3. 2012 One Organic relocated the nursery to Possum Creek where it remained for 7 years
  4. 2012 One Organic built a 300sqm nursery specializing in growing certified open pollinated non hybrid heirloom veggie seedlings and medicinal herbs. It was the largest of its kind on the East Coast of Australia 
  5. 2012 One Organic installed the worlds first organic market garden spanning 5 acres all grown in wood chip.
  6. 2012 One Organic developed a specialized farming method called forest floor farming and commenced workshops locally and overseas
  7. 2012 One Organic started retailing veggies to local cafes and farmers markets as well as shipping to Brisbane Markets
  8. 2013 One Organic commence research in to producing Effective Micro-Organisms to compliment their farming principles
  9. 2013 One Organic commence research into developing water / soil purification minerals for re-conditioning soils and cleaning waterways
  10. 2015 One Organic had completed its development of EM Mineral products and were ready for retail
  11. 2015 One Organic were invited to present some forest floor farming workshops in the Solomon Islands where the methods are still being used today
  12. 2015 One Organic commenced installing Organic garden beds into schools in the Northern Rivers and Gold coast
  13. 2015 One Organic commenced retailing online and direct their EM / MINERAL products
  14. 2016 One Organic developed the U.A.C. Urban Agricultural Cooperative based on commercializing veggies grown in a domestic environment
  15. 2018 One Organic were invited by Balanced Earth to oversee the planting and development of 4 acres of Industrial Hemp crop to me used as a building material and for medicinal purposes.
  16. 2019 One Organic International was formed.
  17. 2019 May One Organic negotiate a 10 year lease in Mulliumbimby and then relocated the nursery and market garden in preparation for the sale to new owners
  18. 2019 Dec One Organic Byron Bay was sold to new owners
  19. 2020 Kieran the founder of One Organic International / Byron Bay continues to work in the areas of organic farming and natural healing modalities as well as consulting on agricultural projects locally and overseas