Our Amazing workers

It is with a heavy heart that we will no longer be able to host our 2nd year visa workers from overseas.

The government has passed legislation that says that as of the 30/10/2015 farms will no longer be able to host second year visa workers unless we pay Australian award wages. For those that don’t know there has been an exchange program that has run for years that was setup to assist farmers with voluntary labour in exchange for 88 days work on farms throughout Australia.

It was an amazing program for many reasons firstly because labour is the most expensive aspect of farming in Australia as its very labour intensive job but aside from that it was wonderful to meet these young people from all over the world they were such great company.

Unfortunately like all things there were some farms that played the system and instead of the government penalising them they abolished the program that will now see thousands of small farm doing it tougher than they already are.

This post is not a whinge its about shining a light on all these wonderful souls that gave up their time to help us and I would like you to take a minute and look over their smiling faces because they were a driving force that allowed us to provide you with high quality Organic Produce.

I have wanted to create this post for so long and I am sure there are some I have missed so ill go hunting and update it once I find them.

From the deaths of our heart our family thank you and I will miss you forever!!!!!!!!!


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