Planting Guide

Clients are always asking when is the best time to grow varieties of vegetables and herbs and there is so much conflicting information related to the subject. In our experience there is no one answer as it depends of many factors such as where in Australia you live.

Australia is divided into the following climate zones

  • Australia – arid Australia-arid
  • Australia – cool/mountain
  • Australia – sub-tropical
  • Australia – temperate
  • Australia – tropical
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One Organic is based in the Sub Tropical area but we try to grow a large enough variety of vegetables and herbs to cater for most parts of Australia. An example of the issues related to growing is that we have clients that live on the coast and others that live in the highlands.

Clients that live on the coast have a much shorter growing season for Brassica, than those living in the highlands, whilst highland clients sometimes have issues growing Asia greens and herbs mostly related to temperature issues.

As a commercial nursery we need to have the most reliable information and based on our research we would recommend the following websites

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One Organic CEO Kieran with Client’s

The following is a sample of some of the videos of our clients and also to demonstrate the power of the technologies we developed.