About Us

One Organic are a certified Organic Seedling Nursery based in Byron Bay New South Wales. Our seedlings are grown from open pollinated non hybrid non treated seed. We specialise in vegetable, herbs and medicinal flowers.

Aside from seedlings One Organic also grow Bio-Dynamic veggies and medicinal plants on a 45 acre farm in the hills above Byron Bay using Japanese and Korean Fermentation techniques.

The environment and our clients welfare are at the centre of our growing philosophy and I hope you find this website helpful.

During the past 15 years of growing we found that most of the materials that we were using as a part of the production were not free of contaminates despite being certified so we decided to produce our own this would insure we knew exactly what was in the recipes and that we could produce consistent results.

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One Organic commenced business in 2009 by the founder Kieran Weston who had been working in corporate life for more than 20 years in the area of industrial manufacturing with a manufacturing group based in China. Kieran was the founder of the group and after many years work offshore he decided to get involved in organic farming in Byron Bay.

The following timeline provides an insight into the evolution of One Organic over the past decade.

Today he is actively involved in setting up a manufacturing plant to produce microbes / and other useful technologies  plus establishing localised economies that are focused on Self Governance to know more about this work please visit www.onecooperative.com.au.

One Organic CEO Kieran with Client’s

The following is a sample of some of the videos of our clients and also to demonstrate the power of the technologies we developed.