One Organic have customers from different areas of the community such as schools , farmers and the general public. At One Organic we feel a responsibility to provide the best quality product and support possible to our clients so they continue to shop with us and tell their friends which allows our business to grow and remain in business.

Our clients live busy and challenging lives and our job is to provide them with a clean reliable source of food, free of chemical additives which is grown organically, and to the highest possible standards.

In order to do this seedlings need to be grown as nature intended so our core principle is grow, support, protect with the focus being on supporting the growing process in natural time. We are caretakers of this process and our ongoing success is based on supporting plants rather than pushing the growing process which is all to common in industry today.

One Organic CEO Kieran with Client’s

The following is a sample of some of the videos of our clients and also to demonstrate the power of the technologies we developed.