One Organic are pleased to announce our next day of workshops for those of you that have attended previously you will find that we have increased the level of information.
The day will commence with an introduction of the presenters and each presenter will briefly detail aspects of the prior workshops and then progress towards providing a deeper level of understanding.

Extreme Gardening Workshop

Kieran Weston(Farmer & Nurseryman)

Kieran Weston(Farmer & Nurseryman)

Prior to owning One Organic Kieran had over 25 years experience in manufacturing and production in Australia and overseas mostly in Asia Pacific. He commenced business in One Organic in March 2009 after leaving his manufacturing business in China which he ran for a number of years.
Since commencing his One Organic business Kieran has been servicing a large number of clients and farmers throughout the Northern Rivers Region via farmers markets and monthly markets attending over 300 markets a year.

Workshop Overview

In late 2012 Kieran relocated his nursery business to a farming property on 45 acres so that he could expand his business and commence organic farming. During that time he has developed a unique style of farming that is resistant to drought and long periods of rain. The process that he uses is designed to build top soil year in year out whilst building a unique environment for plants to thrive.

During Kieran’s workshop he will share the results of this type of farming method that can also be applied to the home gardener. The subjects that he will cover in the growing protocol are listed as follows.

How to build a low maintenance high yield productive garden or farm.
Ways to best conserve and monitor water usage.
Understanding the energetic aspects of growing plants.
Organic Pest Control
Preparing planting preparations
Easy ways to produce quality cubic meters of compost in a month
Planting techniques to insure balanced environments for growing quality produce year in year out.

Workshop Address & Time

DATE: 19/08/2015
START TIME: 9am please arrive 8.30am
Sunnyview Farm
151 Friday Hut Road,
Possum Creek,
NSW 2479