Agriculture & Farming

One Organic have been operating an commercial organic seedling nursery since 2009 and market garden since 2012 so our recommendations are based on real life problems solutions and outcomes of technologies and methods have been fundamental in our success and those outcomes have have resulted in our company being able to feed hundreds of thousands of families and supply commercial farmers with products that reduce cost improve margins and most all create organic food with zero damage to the environments that they have been introduced to.

Additionally with the application of our technologies we have improved the quality of soil for all living species replenishing depleted soils and improving the health of farm animals which has results in higher yields.

One Organic where pioneers in setting up a commercial market garden on 5 acres of land covered in woodchip and the following photos will provide and insight into the outcomes that were achieved.

One Organic CEO Kieran with Client’s

The following is a sample of some of the videos of our clients and also to demonstrate the power of the technologies we developed.