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One Organic commenced trading as a certified organic nursery in 2009 to provide a supply of organic seedlings to home gardners and over a number of years attended 220 farmers markets per year. During that time our thousands of clients shared with us the issue they were having with their growing and we assisted them to address the issues and produce very high quality product.

The following are some of our recommendations and we have also enclosed some photos of our market stalls and clients so that you can get a feel for our business and passion for what we do.

For plants and gardens in a domestic environment we apply the Effective Micros at a rate of 1 / 1000 what this means is that one litre of EM will provide 1000 litres of beneficial bacteria to the soil we usually recommend that in the beginning you apply a ratio of 20/1 meaning 20ml per litre of water on a Monday and Friday in the late afternoon for the first month then after a month 1ml to 1 litre on a Monday and Friday each week.

Then mid week apply molasses water to the treated area as this is increase the millions of bacteria to billions and seed up the desired results:

For commercial application its on a case by case basis and requires some consulting to determine the issues and results the grower is looking for.

When the EM is not being used it is best to put them in the fridge or a cool place so they are not active and this will extend the shelf life.

One Organic CEO Kieran with Client’s

The following is a sample of some of the videos of our clients and also to demonstrate the power of the technologies we developed.