Effective Microorganisms Explained

One Organics EM’s (Effective Microorganisms) consist of a wide variety of effective, beneficial and non-pathogenic microorganisms. They are produced through a natural process and not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered. EM’s have a broad application and come in a liquid form for ease of use. EM’s are beneficial to plants, animals, and humans.

One Organics EM’s are derived from the fermentation of food through this process we are able to harness lactobacillus which assists in the health and wellbeing of all forms of plant species.

The application rate is:

1ml of EM’s to 1 litre of water this means that you can get 1,000 litres of Effective Microorganisms from 1 litre

The shelf life can be as long and 1-3 years provided the product is managed correctly.