The Effect of EM with Animal Husbandry

When considering your animal husbandry, it is important to look at all aspects. Not only ideal production, but animal health as well, that is why it is also important for animal enterprises to operate under hygienic conditions. By doing this, it ensures the best productivity, and creates a healthy environment, ideal for all levels of animal husbandry. EM can work across a wide range of animal husbandry benefits, from hygiene, to increased production and even odour control. When using EM in many various applications (below) you can achieve great results. EM has shown results for a wide range of animals, including sheep, cattle, chicken, pigs, and even dogs.

Some of these results include:

  • Suppression of foul odours, in both septic tanks and livestock sheds
  • A noticeable reduction in harmful insects such as flies and ticks, very important for dairy farms
  • Less disease, which reduces the needs for regular medicines and antibiotics resulting in lower veterinary bills
  • Higher quality of produce yields
  • Significant increase in egg production
  • Dust and noxious gases cause by waste significantly reduced
  • Increased fat contents of milk
  • An increase in animal fecundity

Key applications for EM in conjunction with animal husbandry:

  1. EM can be mixed into the drinking water
  2. EM applied in septic tanks collecting animal waste, reduces odour and flies
  3. EM Bokashi can be spread in areas such as the bedding areas
  4. EM activated can be sprayed around the animal shed
  5. EM with Bokashi can be added to the feed

Relevant News Articles

How EM can improve your Calves

16th June 2017
Using EM in Calf Rearing has a number of benefits for both the animal and the system and will help limit problems generated from high density animal living. Intensive animal production systems involving housing of animals and high density living space, often create issues around animal health and odour problems. EM technology can be great tool for these intensive animal systems.

Free Range Egg Producer Talks about Impact EM has had on Operation

28th September 2015
Bill Tenbrook Free Range Egg Producer from Matamata talks about his EM Experience. He begun using EM to reduce the odour and improve the health of the animals.

Treating Calves with EM

23rd July 2015
Using EM Animal this Calving will help ensure they get the best possible start and develop into a productive milker.

Livestock Control – Eliminating Odors

30th April 2015
Livestock and Dairy operations can produce very high levels of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Nitrogen in food sources produces ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases during digestion that is released into the air by livestock as the food passes through excretion. These gases cause an obvious unpleasant odor and can also lead to health problems and physical damage to animals, adversely affecting overall.

Increase in Feed Utilisation

15th January 2015
Low forage digestibility continues to limit the intake of available energy by ruminants. Studies have shown our inoculants have beneficial effects on cell wall constituents’ degradability and thus utilization of high fibre diets. Inclusion of a protein-rich feed ingredient in the formulation of ruminant rations enhances feed utilization.

Improved Rumen Function

8th January 2015
Microorganisms in the digestive tracts of ruminant livestock have a profound influence on the conversion of feed into end-products which have a huge impact on the animal. By improving rumen function we can see benefits in production and the health and vitality of the animal.

A mob of randomly select in-lambs two tooth ewes we split into two groups, one grazed on pastures sprayed with EM and given access to EM treated drinking water, and the other kept as a control without EM treatment.
Live weights were recorded in 2 week intervals.

Another similar study was done, testing the effect of EM when sprayed onto pastures and the subsequent influence on lamb growth growth rates over a summer-autumn period. EM was expanded with molasses and was given to the farmer to apply as a boon sprayed product with water to his pastures.

SHG Surjyodhigi is a progressive farmers Group, who are doing different experiments with EM Technology with animals especially in pigs. They started trialing on EM Technology on a Pig farm, as per farmer’s view when he used EM Technology the growth rate of his pigs were 10 to 12 kg per month. As a result the pig becomes ready for sale before the expected month.