EM can be used in a huge variety of horticulture applications

EM can be used to inoculate plants, water and soil to achieve beneficial results in growth and plant immunology.

EM can be used in a huge variety of horticulture applications, One Organic

It can be sprayed on the soil as a pre-planting treatment, used to inoculate seeds or transplants, and applied to growing crops as a foliar spray or through irrigation systems. EM is useful in growing nursery crops, container grown plants, hydroponics and in a huge variety of vineyard applications.

OEM will improve the structure of the soil, increase its fertility and radically improve biological diversity – EM will suppress soil borne pathogens, both through their direct action and the probiotic substances they produce. The microbes in EM work by being dominant over other soil microbes. As a result, this encourages the bulk of the other microbes in the soil to ‘follow’ them and in doing so suppress the activity of the smaller group of negative or ‘opportunistic’ microbes.

After crops are harvested EM can also be used to breakdown crop residues in green manures.

EM can be used in a huge variety of horticulture applications ,for more details visit the below links:

EM Horticulture Applications


Between two and three weeks before planting, apply a 1:100 dilution of OEM to the soil as a spray. Remove weeds that emerge after 10-14 days.

Apply 10 Litres OEM once per Hectare

Seed Treatment:

Gardeners may want to try soaking seeds in a solution of OEM before planting to increase seed viability. Dilute OEM with water at a ratio of 1:1,000.

Soak seeds in solution for 5-10 minutes only and then air dry and plant as usual.

Experiment with small batches before treating larger quantities.

Nursery / Container-grown Plants:

Inoculate with OEM at seeding and transplant stages, then on a monthly basis thereafter.

Use a standard dilution of 1:100. Orchid growers have achieved good results by inoculating with OEM immediately after planting in sterile media.

Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs:

Spray the standard dilution of 1:100 onto the plants.

Apply as a pre-planting treatment, again at planting/transplanting and every three to four weeks during crop growth.

Post Harvest:

Apply also to crop residues after harvest, just before incorporating residues into the soil. Use 10 litres of OEM per Hectare, diluted with the appropriate amount of water for each application.

Orchard Crops:

For crops such as apples and pears, apply OEM immediately after fall harvest, along with other amendments. Spray plants and soil thoroughly, applying 10 litre of OEM per Hectare at a dilution ration of 1:100 or 1:1,000.

Repeat this treatment weekly until the first frost and cease application until spring. Resume application after the last spring fronds emerge and continue until the fruit is fully formed.

Stop applying OEM before ripening begins.

Hydroponic Systems

In hydroponic crop production systems, OEM can be diluted with the nutrient solution at a rate of 1:10,000. This practice will coat the root systems with beneficial micro-organisms and make nutrient uptake more efficient. The EM will also breakdown unwanted waste products and at the same time produce probiotics and antioxidants which will keep your plants healthy and vigorous and harvested plants ‘fresher’ for longer.